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September, 21 2018 Everything is back online, IRC, Services, games coming soon(ish). Come join us.

OK, so as you can see, Tambers has been down for sometime... to be honest, I lost interest, and actually came close to shuting it all down.

for nostalgic reasons, or just plain hardheadedness, I didn't. Now here it is may 9th, 2006 at 1:23am CST. and i just turned everything back on, Chat services are back online with updated IRCd's and Services.

as for the site.. i LOVE this layoout, no ads, no bullshit, just the information you need fast and simple.. What bothers is me is that i have no idea which way that i want to take Tambers.. over the course of the next few weeks i will decide, and go from there... so until then, join me in Chat, and Speak your opinion.

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