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In the Beginning, (The 1996 time frame) T.A.M.B.E.R.S. was a group of around 25 kids that gathered on the weekends, and tormented one another on the paintball field. Both during the day and at night. The games slowed down but the essence did not.

The spring of 2004, Xbox live was gaining notoriety, and the games were getting intense, ©Ghost Recon, had been on the market for an extended period of time, at this point. Jason C. a lifelong friend and brother to me, requested I get it. Was fun, We played for several hours a night. During that time we were anticipating ©Ghost Recon 2. At release we had our copies, and we spent easily 6 hours online, That night playing co-op. Over the course of the next few weeks, we met and starting gaming with others.

The Original List of Gamers (Partial I'm sure)
Kasperz20 (Jason)
Morfieus (Myself)
Deja Who
Chipper Tiger

After a few months of co-op, We all made the transition into multi-player, and that as they say is history. In November of '04 Several of the above listed members were gaming together as one on a team. But at the recommendation of Dejawho, We would so venture into gaming mercenaries.

www.tambers.com was registered December 17, 2004. and the first (of many), Websites went live.
Debut of TAMBERS

In 2008, tambers.com went through a HUGE over haul. And with the help of ©wordpress, and other coding. Tambers was transformed in a highly functional website, resembling most other social media websites, User interaction included, user profiles, user controlled picture/video galleries, games, forums, chat, and so much more.. two years later Tambers.com had over 7000 registered members and more then 4 gigs traffic a month. That's when myself two other co-founders, stepped in, No one was gaming, or participating in the online battle system we had in place, No one was utilizing the chat servers we had running. So, We dismantled it. We didn't want a system that went the complete opposite way we intended.

Mission Statement:

Is a website, that is designed simple, fast user friendly and effective, It purposely lacks, glitter and glam. Our purpose for having this page, is for information, a way to point you to the way to get in touch with other gamers, The chat server is the hub, the mainstay and the reason this website exists today. So please join us, we have many ways to connect the server and more coming soon, If you check out the chat links above you'll soon see that everyone is welcome, whether it be from a PC, a phone, a table, and yes even the ©Xbox 360, ©Playstation3, and many others, any device that will support Java, flash, cgi, and IRC proto calls can come chat, Help us build the community we needed and wanted in the first place, one of gamers and life long fans of visual entertainment, Everyone is welcome, Gamers include, consoles, board games, Role players, Live action, PC, and yes even phone/tablets.. So, come join us. its Free fun and expanding everyday.. Be good :-)

~David AKA Morfieus

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Birth Date: December 17th, 2004